About Kennel Von Pedersen



  • We breed Bernese Mountain Dogs. We are members of DKK (Danish Kennel Club) where the puppies also get their pedigree.

  • We live in the country on the little paradis Lęsų in the north of Denemark and we are a family with 3 boys in the very active age.

  • A great deal of our time is used on our dogs - and our Icelandish Horses -  we love the companionship with our animals.  

  • Our goal with the breed is to make healthy and mentally strong Bernese Mountain Dogs, and at the same time should be beautiful family dogs. 

  • We want our stud dogs to have these qualities. 

  • We make sure that the puppies are socialised as much as possible, because it really takes a lot from a puppy to live in this World. 

  • Our dogs are very confident and have strong nerves, as they grow up in save surroundings, where they hear all the noices in our home. 

  • Another important thing for us, is that we "swing" with the people who choose to bu y a puppy from us.  As it is not a "dog-trade" - but hopefully a long lasting friendship to buy a puppy form us. 

  • We are always available with advice - guidance and help. 

You are always welcome to call us
and make an appointment about visiting. 

Tlf. 0045-75 33 54 47 / 20 89 37 02